Nandish Vora

Nandish Vora

I am a first year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in the Physics department. I am advised by Prof. Arratia (Penn Complex Fluids Lab). My research objective is to understand the interaction between living organisms and fluids in nature with applications to environmental phenomena. Previously I have worked on experimental projects about the rheology of ice mélange and understanding coalescence of confined droplets. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Emory University in 2023.



  1. Dynamics of swimming microorganisms in time periodic flows. Understanding how different swimming mechanisms interact with flows and effects as the system is driven to turbulence

Previous Experience

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant at BurtonLab@Emory, Emory University, 2021-2023


  • Ice mélange and the rheology of floating granular materials (Emory University), Gordon Research Conference – Granular Materials, Stonehill College, 2022
  • Bridging the gap: New physics in confined droplet coalescence, Emory University, 2023

Contact Information

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